About the JOTIhack

The JOTIhack is an activity which was initially meant to provide a challenge to members of Scouting Netherlands during the JOTA-JOTI weekend. The first edition was held in 2023, which was a huge success. That's why we want to offer another edition in 2024! This edition is not just available to the Dutch, because after some hard work the website is fully multilingual, so international participation is available too!

Each edition exists out of 10 assignments which need to be solved one after each other. These 10 assignments all have a focus on the JOTI part and are increasing in difficulty. For members of Scouting Netherlands who are part of a group who registered for the JOTA and/or JOTI, and have achieved to beat all 10 challenges, there is a special reward available: The first few per age range who have beaten is will receive a special badge! Everyone else (even those whose group did not register or are not part of Scouting Netherlands) will be added to the Hall of Fame of that year!